Together with the Alderney Gate Library, the HCFS co-sponsors an annual ghost-story writing contest. Contestants from age 7 to 15 are invited to submit either an original ghost story or a retelling of a story in their own words that they have heard.

2015 winners:

2014 winners:

2013 winners:

2012 winners:

2011 winners:

2010 winners:
  • Ages 7-9
    The Murdered Bird, by Avery Opalka
    School Spirit, by Erin Inglis
  • Ages 10-12
    The Abandoned High School, by Natalie Comeau
    The Shadow, by Cory McConnell 
    Shadow Lands, by Madeline Toal
  • Ages 13-15
    The Pure Curse, by Amel Bensalim 
    A Monsoon Night’s Tale, by Abdiel Samuel James
2014 Story Contest