I spit more salt water through my moustache than most of them sailed over!
Tom Cornealy talking to Helen Creighton about today's sailors.

Songs of the Sea
Traditional Folk Songs and Narratives from the Dr. Helen Creighton Collection

Edited by Clary Croft, Dan McKinnon, Linda Nicholl, George Seto.
Produced by Clary Croft, Wedge Island Productions.
Accompanying booklet includes notes and lyrics.

Leave Her Johnny sung by Leander MacCumber of Cheverie, NS in 1948:

See also Chesapeake and Shannon sung by Catherine Gallagher of Chebucto Head, NS in 1943.

Songs of the Sea - Disc #1

1 Henry Martyn
2 The Golden Vanity
3 Golden Vanity
4 The Chesapeake and Shannon
5 Broken Ring Song
6 The Mermaid
7 Brigantine Sirocco
8 The Banks Of Newfoundland
9 The Ghostly Sailors
10 Quays of Belfast
1l The Dreadful Ghost
12 The Sailor's Alphabet
13 The Sailor's Alphabet
14 Jack the Sailor
15 Captain Conrod & talk about Captain Conrod
16 The Schooner Mary Jane (recitation & narrative)
17 Sinking of The Vestris
18 Heroes of the Vestris
19 The Wreck Of The Cariboo
20 Nova Scotia Song
21 Nova Scotia Song & talk on how he learned the song

Work Songs - Disc #2

1 Moonlight Tonight Boys
2 Blow the Man Down
3 Whiskey Johnny
4 Robin Ranzo
5 Reuben Ranzo
6 Shenandoah
7 My Bully Boys Blow
8 Narrative: explanation of chanty singing By Capt. R.A. Goudy
9 Homeward Bound
10 Homeward Bound
11 A-Roving
12 Poor Old Man & Old Horse
13 Poor Old Man
14 Narrative: explanation of Poor Old Man
15 Leave Her Johnny Leave Her
16 Rio Grande
17 Isle Of Fuji (I'm Bound for the Isle of Beauty)
18 Boatswain Call the Watch (recitation & song & narrative)
19 Haul Away on the Bowline
20 Sebastopol is Taken
2l Banks Of Sacramento
22 Swing Your Tail
23 We'll Pay Paddy Doyle for His Boots
24 Brandy-O & narrative (Song was used stowing ballast.)
25 Narrative: Chanty singing; used on ships & when logging
26 Narrative: Paul Myra, on songs and a life fishing from Lunenburg

Full list of sea songs in the Creighton collection that were located by Dan McKinnon for the sea songs project.